Getting blessed for my new job in Laos with a full chicken and an elder.

Welcome to my shiny new website and my companion blog, The Fermented Word (that is where you are if you didn’t know). Now, I need to be honest. This is not my first introduction to you. Some of you may in fact be here because you were redirected from my old website Todd’s Wanderings. You may also be wondering what happened to me? Where have I been since I disappeared from the Internet in 2012 (I’m a little sad no one called the FBI)?

The short answer is, I took a forced vacation from the Internet. My old site was hacked and stolen. I have been hiding out in Timor-Leste for the past 7 years where slow internet and fascinating work has combined to keep me firmly in actual reality. Throw two small children into the mix, an increasingly ambitious academic writing schedule (see how busy I have been), the inability to stop traveling, a growing love for whiskey and beer, and well, I’m sure you can understand.

Speaking of the FBI, in fact I need to contact them myself. Remember when I told you about my site being hacked? (I hope so, or you might not be the type of reader I’m looking for). Well it has re-emerged 4 years later, “owned” by some Chinese guy in Guangxi, with all of my writings, all of my photos, all of my videos of me, and all of the Viagra links that I never put on all of my posts. I’m sure you will hear of the story someday where I travel to China and confront the thief, escape over the land border into the golden triangle, and float down the Mekong selling Viagra, but for now I should probably just get to the point.

This is my Official Website, one mostly slanted towards my life as an author traveling the world (I’ve been at it since 1999, seriously, you can get to know me here). But since I believe in loving everything that you do, it has a bit of my other professional life mixed in, that of a peace building and development specialist. It will be ground zero for my books, the first of which is almost ready, and other stories, musings, wrong turns, wonderful people, and stupid things that I do as I go about living my life adrift in the wide world. And let’s be honest, getting myself into interesting situations make up most of my traveling life.

Small plane ride in Laos

A short flight to explore South East Asia

So grab a coffee (or a whiskey if it is after 8:00 am) and enjoy the show. Please consider following me on Twitter or Facebook, and subscribing to my infrequent updates below. If you do, you’ll not only get the first chapter of my new book for free, but you will be the first to know when I find my website thief in Guangxi, and how much Viagra I find on him.

See, I have woven Viagra into my very first post three (no make that four) times!

I think we are both in for a ride.