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Walking in Circles


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After living in Japan for over half a decade Todd Wassel finds himself at a crossroads in life and caught between worlds. Drowning in debt, his only choice is to enter the unfulfilling corporate world he fled or eke out a life of bland jobs in an increasingly uninspiring Japan. Desperate, he launches a last-ditch effort to understanding what a meaningful life really is by walking the grueling 750-mile, 88-temple Buddhist pilgrimage on Japan’s remote island of Shikoku.

In search of himself and a Japan he thought was lost, Walking in Circles, lovingly retells Todd’s sometimes outrageous, painful, and suspense filled journey. Todd is joined on the path by an eccentric group of characters, naked Yakuza trying to shake him down, a wandering ascetic searching for enlightenment while hiding from the Freemasons, a Buddhist Monk who hates America but loves beef jerky, and pubic hair zealots.

Walking in Circles is more than a humorous journey of personal transformation. Todd crafts an intimate portrait of a changing nation and people searching for their own meaning.

Built on a 20-year relationship with Japan, the reader won’t believe what awaits Todd on the backroads of Japan.

How far would you walk to find happiness?

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